ACE consultancy - Improven Spain

Improven partners with its client to improve their business by providing sound and thorough advice on how to identify their competitive edge, empower their business practice,  improve their organization procedure, enhance their P&L outlook, as well as implementing plan of actions to achieve these objectives.

Commitment is the key factor that sets Improven apart.  This pledge to commit propels us to introduce solutions for our selected clients based on two principals:

  • a methodology in which its effectiveness has been proven time and again.  Our past experiences enable us to provide insight into situations that most of our clients are unmindful of, as well as implementing practical solutions that have been tried and tested in the past.  In addition to experience, Objectivity and Honesty are our core values which we bring along to companies in n eed of change.

  • A complete involvement by means of integration into our clients’ business practice.  Uniquely different from classical business analysis, Improven takes a leap ahead in order to support our clients by implementing these solutions. These action plans take place from within: we are The Consultants that assume the form of the companies in order to introduce or execute those approved plans.

This know-how enables us to embrace a full commitment to result orientation.  As a pledge to this commitment for each project, we advocate a portion of our fees that vary depending on the results achieved.  This emulate our philosophy: “If you win, we win”.

Our field of activities are:


  • Strategy, Transformation Plan and Company Reorganization 
  • Management Development
  • Operational Improvement (Lean Manufacturing) and Cost Reduction
  • Growth Development with Sales & Marketing
  • Annual Business Audit


  • Viability Plan
  • Financial Restructuration


  • Internationalization Plan (Sales and Supply Chain Management)
  • Development Plan for Subsidiaries

Corporate finance

  • Corporate Finance (M&A)
  • Merger Procedure
  • Business Sales Mandate (PCS)
  • Due Diligence and Compliance (Business Operation)
  • Rationalization Plan and Implementation 
  • Reindustrialization

Sergio Gordillo

Improven, S.A.
C/Hermosilla, 11
28001 Madrid
Tel. +34 902 19 39 89