ACE consultancy - IMPACTIVE Poland

IMPACTIVE is a Polish Change Management Consultancy. We create change with measurable impact and support leaders in creating high performing & feel good organisations.

Change Management
Change Management is the headline for our services that include development of strategic direction, organisational transformation, value innovation and project management.

Operational Excellence
Organizational leaders want high performance, and we believe that the key lies in people. Combining the best Lean Six Sigma approach with strong leadership skills creates a unique synergy which brings bottom-line impact.

Sales Performance
Understanding the real needs of the customer segments is the first steps to take. Second step is to align and optimise the product offer and the sales processes. Finally the key to success lies in mobilising and empowering the whole sales team.

Great Customer Experience
Great customer experience builds the foundation for the great brand and market perception. We have created significant and measurable improvements for both external and internal customers of many large financial and shared services providers as well as health care institutions.

People Development
Our people development focus area includes competency assessment and tailored people development programs. Let’s empower the organisation to make impact by development of the competence needs for each organisation - each process - each team - and for the individual.

IMPACTIVE is what we deliver
We are a management consulting company, but our approach is different than typical consulting. We are actively involving people to create impact. We combine work shopping with coaching and consulting to mobilise and empower people to change and create measurable impact.


Change with Measurable Impact
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