Sales Excellence

sales excellence

Sales Excellence depends on the team set up and how organisations get the best out of their direct and indirect sales teams. It not only refers to sales efficiency and profitability, but also to customer loyalty and satisfaction, and the ability to convey the company message and strategy to customers through front-line employees.

Value Proposition

Performance and benchmark: Benchmarking improves performance by identifying and applying best practice to sales. The objective of benchmarking is to find examples of superior performance, internally and externally, and understand how their practices/processes drive that performance.

Sales Force Design: We help clients to create an optimal sales force structure that can deliver results. The sales team can greatly benefit from the redefining of roles, profiles, capabilities and compensation schemes. A successful sales force structure or design can improve customer interaction and satisfaction, as well as produce time and cost savings.

Sales Process and Management: The sales process must reflect the buying process. We assist in developing successful sales processes for traditional and lean oriented sales approaches. Factors that we take into account whilst setting up a new sales process include:

  • A clear knowledge of the business strategy, the corporate culture and management style;
  • The deep knowledge of customers, their buying behaviour, needs and interactions with the sales staff;
  • Rigorous management to ensure consistent execution of sales processes;
  • Effective front-line sales management.

Sales skills assessment and development: One tell tale sign of a high-performing organisation is how engaged and focused front-line staff are with customers. The performance of those employees (sales, customer service and delivery personnel) can turn a first meeting with a customer into a lifelong relationship. We support managers in the development of their staff, and set up and run tailor made training that can improve sales force performance.

Partner Development: We assist clients in the evaluation and development of their different commercial business partners, such as agents, wholesalers and other indirect channels.