Each project has different phases and it is often thought that one project leader can manage all of them. We, however, believe that every phase requires specific competencies to make the project successful. We help our clients to ensure that the right competencies are available throughout the different phases.

Value Proposition

  • Selecting the right people: Often, people are put into project positions without considering their competencies and abilities. By systematically applying proven methodologies, we help our clients to decide which of their people are really capable of leading their challenging projects.
  • Putting people in the right place: We help our clients to staff projects according to the profiles needed in the various roles. Project members are therefore put in positions that adequately challenge their skills and thereby satisfy their drive to participate and grow. This creates the right conditions for successful projects.
  • Making people available at the right time: Projects go through different phases which require various skills to ensure successful advancement. We help our clients to ensure that the rights skills are available at the right time. Balancing skills and number of people is vital for a successful project execution.