Our methods

  • Leadership diagnose model
  • Lean Leadership reference model (Tooling, Thinking, Leading)
  • Strategic HRM: Recognise, Understand, Act!
  • Approach: Leading Yourself, Leading Others, Leading the Organisation
  • Full Engagement (if you really want to ..)

ACE References



Relevant Books

  • Good to Great, by Jim Collins
  • Freedom from Command and Control, by John Seddon
  • Toyota Culture, by Michael Huseon and Jeffrey Liker
  • The Power of Full Engagement, by Loehr and Schwartz

Leadership and change management

We believe that focused leadership is critical for any successful implementation of Operational Excellence. We also believe that successful change management depends on good leadership. Every organisation has a specific set of leadership attitudes and behaviours, which must be consistent with the strategy, customer value and the desired functioning of the operational system.

Value Proposition

Design of a specific set of attitudes and behaviours
Aligned with the strategy, we design a specific set of attitudes and behaviours the company wants to operate within that reflect the long term vision, with the input of the company employees.

Assessment and creation of awareness
We create awareness of the actual situation, at the individual and team level. We provide tools to measure the gap between the actual and the desired situation. Based on the outcomes, we design a roadmap to reach the desired situation. This path can be built from individual coaching, team coaching, training, peer supervision, etc.

Execution and keeping track of progress
We provide the tools to keep track of the improvements and measure progress through evaluation moments. These evaluation moments are also used to plan the next steps, as leadership development is more of a process, than a project.