Operational Excellence


Operational Excellence is a comprehensive approach for optimising daily operations, in alignment with the organisation’s strategic objectives and customer demands/expectations. We can help organisations achieve operational excellence by designing and implementing improved business processes within the operation, supply and development processes. ACE has helped clients achieve Operational Excellence across all industries in both the public and private sectors.

Value Proposition

Operational Processes: The main process area of any company where the real value to the client/end-user is being created. Focused improvements must enhance customer perceptions as well as produce internal efficiencies.

Supply Chain Processes: The complex and often costly internal supply chain processes is one area that many businesses seek to improve. By “killing complexity” in the overall supply chain system, companies will experience better, faster delivery with lower costs.

Product Development Processes: Efficient product development processes closely integrated with the operational processes is a key factor for many organisations. By optimising this area, companies gain important advantages, such as reduced lead time to market, improved quality and increased development capacity.

Leadership and Change Management: Implementing any improvements will only be successful if managers and leaders of the process have full ownership. We integrate change management with leadership ownership in all our implementation programmes, ensuring successful transformation and sustainable results.